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B&B Casagrande is surrounded by infinite beauty to see, smell, taste and instantly fall in love with.

Staying overnight in the Alpago valley is perfect for those who want to experience the peace and quiet of this area, and so much more.

We’re in a strategic position: a 20-minute drive from the historic centres of Belluno and Vittorio Veneto, and just a little further from Valle del Mis and Cadore.
The hills of Conegliano and its vineyards are just a 30-minute drive away.



Alpago is undoubtedly a dream destination for foodies.
Numerous restaurants, farm stays and working farms are waiting to be discovered, offering local products that are in high demand in the region and beyond.

Such specialities include Alpago lamb, a Slow Food presidium, and Alpago Mame beans, a variety appreciated for its unique flavour.
Gourmands will delight in the wide selection of cured meats produced in the area during the winter months.

At our table, you’ll sample the milk, yoghurt and cheeses of the Centro Caseario Cansiglio, a jewel in the crown of the local organic dairy industry.
But the food from the Alpago valley doesn’t end here: season after season, a rich array of delicious products awaits.

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The  Alpago area offers numerous attractions in both summer and winter. When there’s snow, we recommend a few days in Cansiglio for cross-country skiing or ski touring. The view from Rifugio Dolada, which can also be reached by car, is magical, admiring the entire Alpago valley. A few metres from the mountain hut, daredevils can try their hand at tandem paragliding, taking in incredible bird’s-eye views accompanied by a qualified instructor.

There are countless itineraries to be covered by mountain bike or e-bike: some are easier, such as the trail that goes from Lake Santa Croce to Soverzene, others more complex, starting from Farra d’Alpago to reach the Mezzomiglio malga (a sort of mountain cottage).

In summer, the main attraction is Lake Santa Croce, perfect for relaxing days in the sun, but also for sailing, kite surfing, windsurfing, canoeing or stand-up paddle boarding—whether you’re a novice or expert.

In short, Alpago has something for everyone, whether you’re seeking a bit of sport, relaxation, delicious cuisine, lakes, or (of course) the mountains. All that’s left to do is book your stay. Contact us, we’ll happily recommend different itineraries and activities suited to your interests.


B&B Casagrande is 3 km from Lake Santa Croce, along the road from Puos to Pieve d’Alpago.
In an hour you can reach Venice, Conegliano, Cortina and the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.